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fairy lightNight Lights by The Grapevine Gifts are unique handmade lamps that provide a refreshing new energy and ambiance to your home or office.  During the day these unique lamps will be a unique decoration piece.  In the evening plug in the Night Lights for a unique art piece that creates mood and ambiance. The glow of a Night Light will be bright enough to navigate your way around a room, yet gentle enough to not disturb others who may be trying to sleep. 

Night Lights by the Grapevine Gifts also make unique gifts for any occasion, and everyone on your gift list.  From Tuscan, to whimsical, to sports themes and animal patterns, we have over 35 themes to choose from.  You will certainly find something they are sure to love.

Because the Night Lights are handcrafted, and due to the complexity of some of the patterns each lamp is unique and may vary slightly in size and shape. 

Rooster Fairy Light

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