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Night Light FAQs

What are the Night Lights made of?

Each lamp is made starting with a glass bottle that stands approximately 12” high.  The outside is covered with a paper like substance that is treated with a special formula to ensure the best stiffness and adhesion possible.

Do I have to plug the Night Lights in?

Although the lamps make a unique decoration piece when not lit up, to enhance the mood and ambiance of a room the Night Lights should be plugged in.

Are the lights replaceable?

Yes.  There is a hole in the back of the lamp just big enough to pull out the old lights and thread the new ones in.  Each lamp contains a strand of twenty lights that can be found at any local craft store.

Do the lamps get hot?

No.  The lamps will be warm to the touch but they will not get so hot that a child will burn themselves.


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